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Teresian House Center for the Elderly

200 Washington Ave Ext
Albany,  NY 12203

Phone: (518) 456-2000

Teresian House Center for the Elderly

The Admissions Department is the starting point for people seeking placement to Teresian House. We provide information to potential residents about services offered. The department receives numerous inquiries on a daily basis via telephone, correspondence, email and walk-ins.

Application packets are available via mail and/or for pick-up at the reception desk and occasionally faxed. Tours of the facility are offered at the convenience of the person inquiring; that process takes approximately 1 hour for a tour and to watch the Teresian House "Realities of Long Term Care Living" video. The admission process is explained in full detail to ensure that the person inquiring has all the information needed to make an informed decision prior to making application to the facility.

A full assessment of the applicant’s needs is required to assure appropriate services and care can be provided. It is the responsibility of the Admissions Coordinator to collect and review the material with the Admissions Committee. The waiting list is needs based. When an opening occurs, the Admissions Committee selects the appropriate candidate from the Waiting List that is most in need of placement.

Scheduled Short Term Care Program "Respite" is available for persons inquiring about services offered on a short term basis (1 day and up to 42 days). Medicaid recipients are allowed maximum of 42 days respite per year with prior approval from their county of residence social services department. The application, approval and acceptance process is similar to the long term care process except there is no waiting list. Teresian House has 2 Medicaid or Private Pay certified beds. We are not Medicare approved for respite. Respite is scheduled for the specific dates requested once all required paperwork is received and approved by the admissions committee and as long as there is room availability.

Teresian House is Medicaid/Medicare certified for long term care. Medicaid recipients must be pre-approved by their county of residence social services prior to admission. Medicare A is based on eligibility at the time of admission and Medicare B is used for other services such as physician visits, lab tests, x-rays etc. Teresian does not do any third party billing. Anyone with supplemental insurance or long term care insurance must pay Teresian House and seek reimbursement from their insurance company.

Providing the elderly with the highest quality continuum of services to enhance their physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

Providing the elderly with the highest quality continuum of services to enhance their physical, spiritual and emotional well being is the mission of Teresian House. Our modern facility is one of the finest in the area we serve, but it is the love that each of our staff members brings to our residents and their families that gives life to our mission. You can see it in the faces of the residents as they interact with their care givers. First-time visitors remark on the warmth they feel on entering the lobby, the inviting home-like atmosphere in resident rooms and in the neighborhood dining rooms on each floor.

Resident-Centered Care emphasizes small neighborhoods within our facility to create a feeling of comfort and security. Each neighborhood has its own cohesive team focusing on individual resident preferences and abilities. The program is especially effective in maintaining the dignity and autonomy of each resident as an essential part of care giving.

Teresian House offers each resident a private room and bath, and the opportunity to pursue individual interests in a warm, nurturing, community environment monitored by a dedicated staff. Nursing care is provided 24-hours-a-day.

Medical care is under the guidance of our Medical Director and nursing staff. Medical and staff consultant specialists are available. One-on-one physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy programs are tailored to the specific needs of each resident. Transportation service is provided for off-site medical appointments and treatment.

The spiritual needs of each resident are a primary concern at Teresian House. Daily Mass and religious services are provided in our Infant of Prague Chapel.

Teresian House has 7 units, each with 2 neighborhoods that are all skilled. Each one has a slightly different make-up. For instance, one unit may have more cognitively impaired resident, while another may have more alert and oriented residents with heavie

Our mission is to provide holistic care to the aged and infirm in an atmosphere of Christian understanding and faith. We hold in reverential esteem the sanctity of life, believing that God has touched mankind in a personal and lasting manner by the gift

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